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Eruva sreenivasan pillai belongs to a traditional astro family, Father VN Chellappan Pillai was a famous astrologer. On the request of maharaja of kayamkulam, his ancestors shifted their residence from kandiyoor to eruva and served as accountant of the king for many years

From the influence of Swamy G Mahadeva Ayer and Sree Cheppad KG Kaimal he concentrated more on astrology and took it as his profession.

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Deva Prasnam

ashtamangala devaprasnam

It is a type of practice of prasna branch of hindu astrology. The terminology indicates the use of eight (ashtas) auspicious(mangala) objects in pooja rituals like ghee lamp, mirror, gold, milk, yogurt, fruits, books and white cloth.

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Marriage is a religious relationship depending on the mental, physical, intellectual and religious features of bride and groom and it should be necessarily matched and for that an astrologer can figure out a statistical algorithm

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Horoscope Matching


Horoscope matching is the one of major part of Indain Jyothisham. "Horoscope matching" is not only a difficult tasks for an astrologer but also an important an onerous one. This is because parents of boys and girls entirely

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Astrologer makes introduction and assimilation between human birth and his life style. On the other hand Vastu Shastra makes the life wealthy and prosperous implements plan regarding human residence.

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    In the modern age, business and career are very important topics for survival, comfort and personal fulfillment.

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